Career Preparation

Study in Biology opens the doors to a variety of rewarding careers. Some broad areas for careers include medicine, industry, environment, and education. A degree in Biology is excellent preparation for entry into the health professions, because the biological sciences give clear insights into the nature of health and disease. Training provided in our bachelor's degree programs can lead to entrance to professional schools in medicine, optometry, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and many other health-related professions. Biology graduates also find a wealth of opportunities in rapidly growing biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and food technology industries. Our program emphasizes laboratory experiences, and many positions in these industries place a premium on laboratory skills that can be gained through undergraduate coursework. Students interested in marketing careers with pharmaceutical companies and technical book publishers will find that a major in Biology is highly attractive to employers.

Another important field for biologists is environment, including conservation, wildlife and resource management, water quality and environmental assessment. Employers in this field include many federal, state and local government agencies as well as environmental consulting firms, toxicology laboratories, research-oriented museums, zoological parks and aquariums, and service-oriented environmental organizations.

In addition to medicine, industry, and environment, those students who are motivated by science will find that Biology provides many rewarding career opportunities in education and research. Our undergraduate program provides excellent preparation for teachers and for entry into graduate programs of study. More information on careers and employers is available from the Biology Department Homepage.

~ Dr. Alicia Mathis, Department Head