Why study biology at Missouri State?

There are a variety of programs tailored to meet your interests

Degrees available in biology at Missouri State are the Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Education, and Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation and Management. You can choose to study broadly or specialize in one of several areas, including cell biology, microbiology, and biotechnology, organismal biology, evolution and systematics, ecology and wildlife biology.

Opens doors to numerous rewarding careers

Your studies in biology can led to exciting and marketable job opportunities.Career options are broad and include health care, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food technology industries, forensics. government and private environmental concerns, and education. You can also think outside the box. What about science journalism or environmental law? At Missouri State, you can combine a major in biology with a variety of minors a combination that will make you stand out in the job market. Our program emphasizes field and laboratory experiences, and many positions place a premium on hands-on skills that can be gained through undergraduate coursework and research.

A degree in biology leads to entrance into medical school and other professional programs

A biology degree is excellent preparation for entry into health professions, because your courses will provide clear insights into the nature of health and disease. Nationwide, biology is by far the most common undergraduate major for medical students. Training provided in our bachelor's degree programs can lead to entrance into professional schools of medicine, optometry, dentistry, physician assistance, nurse anesthesiology, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, pharmacy and many other health-related professions. Admission into these professional programs requires coursework in the biological sciences, and students have found that having a strong background in biology gives them a distinct advantage.

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We have a close community of students and faculty

The biology department offers opportunities for you to get to know the faculty and staff through individual advisement, interactive laboratory courses, which are limited to 24 students, and a generally friendly environment. You also have many choices for involvement in activities outside the classroom. The department sponsors a chapter of Beta Beta Beta, a national honorary society for biology majors. Biology majors are also involved in a number of other student organizations, including Premedical Society, Pre-veterinary Society, Wildlife Biology Club, Sierra Club and Stream Team. These organizations host departmental meetings, showcase current research, attend professional meetings and participate in community volunteerism.

Our faculty are committed to excellence

The biology faculty and staff are strongly committed the quality teaching and advisement, as well as excellence in research. You will be assigned a faculty member to serve as your academic advisor, who will mentor you throughout your academic program and beyond. Out faculty members represent diverse specialties within biology and have been consistently recognized regionally and nationally for their efforts on teaching, research and advisement.