Kyoungtae Kim, Ph.D.

Kyoungtae Kim

Associate Professor of Biology

Office: Temple Hall 223

Phone: 417-836-5440


Links: Curriculum Vitae | Selected publications | Dr. Kim's Lab Website

Ph.D. (Cell and molecular genetics) Florida State University, 2001.

My research interests lie in understanding the molecular mechanisms of endocytosis and endocytic and recycling traffics. It is known that the molecular requirements that drive endocytosis and its subsequent traffics in the budding yeast are identical to those required for the protrusion of motile, metastatic cancer cells. Therefore, functional characterization of the above-mentioned molecular requirements in yeast might help shed light on the mechanism responsible for cancer cell motility and may providing alternative drug targets.

An interesting new membrane associated protein complex called the eisosome is thought to be a membrane raft-associating structure.  This complex has attracted the attention of scientists, including me. I am very much interested in identifying its new components and investigating their targeting mechanisms.