Pre-Physician Assistant information

A career as a Physician Assistant is routinely listed as one of the top 10 jobs to have in the United States!  A major in biology (with a minor in chemistry or another applicable area) will provide you with the right background to be a strong candidate for the competitive physician assistant programs.  The following are some of the courses that are included in our program and will serve as prerequisites for most PA schools:  microbiology, cell biology, immunology, human anatomy, human physiology, genetics, biological statistics, general chemistry I and II, introductory organic chemistry and biochemistry.

Academic advisors work with our pre-PA students to ensure that they take the best courses to meet their goals, to prepare them for the interviewing process, and to assist with their needs after graduation.   Our advisors maintain a thorough understanding of the PA program requirements and the characteristics these schools are looking for in their ideal candidates.  Angela Plank serves as a freshman orientation (SOAR) advisor and you can request to be placed in her summer registration group so that you are well prepared for your first semester here at Missouri State.  Transfer students can also meet with Angela.

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