Paul Schweiger, Ph.D.

Paul Schweiger

Assistant Professor

Office: Temple Hall 273

Phone: 417-836-5062


Ph.D. (Biology), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2009.

Post-doctoral research: University of Bonn (Germany), 2009-2012

My research involves the use of microbes to perform interesting or difficult chemistries that have potential industrial application. I primarily use acetic acid bacteria, which are known for their rapid incomplete oxidation of a variety of carbohydrates, sugar acids, polyols and alcohols to their respective acids, ketones and aldehydes. These organisms perform oxidations that are either impossible by classical chemistry or that would require complicated protection chemistry. Hence, acetic acid bacteria are viewed as ‘living oxidative catalysts’. Currently, my research involves the elucidation of the activities of uncharacterized enzymes that are predicted to have industrial applications.  Additionally, I am using and developing genetic/metabolic engineering.