Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes

SLO’s Common to All Biology Undergraduate Majors

  1. Describe living systems, including their nature, organization and evolution
  2. Apply methods of scientific inquiry in biology
  3. Describe how human activities affect the living world and the physical environment
  4. Describe the flow of energy and matter within and among organisms
  5. Explain the historical context of biological discoveries
  6. Evaluate information by discriminating between science and non-science
  7. Evaluate& interpret quantitativedata using the scientific method
  8. Practice safety and proper techniques in the laboratory
  9. Write accurately and clearly about biology topics
  10. Explain why science is an integral activity for addressing social and environmental problems

Unique SLO’s for Comprehensive major in Microbiology and Biotechnology

  1. Explain the flow of genetic information
  2. Perform dimensional analyses (dilutions etc.)

Unique SLO for Comprehensive major in Environmental Biology and Evolution

    Explain how resource limitation influences populations

Unique SLO for Comprehensive majors in Wildlife Biology and Wildlife Conservation & Management (interdisciplinary major with Agriculture)

  1. Explain how organisms are interdependent
  2. Describe the diversity of organisms