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Limnology and ecology journals at the Missouri State library

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TitleCall numberHoldings

American Naturalist

QH1.A5 (through 2003) 1957* - present (with some gaps) Electronic
American Midland Naturalist QH1.A35 1944*-present (with some gaps)
American Scientist LJ85.S502 1943*-present (with some gaps)
American Zoologist QL1.A448 1974-present
Animal Behavior QL750.J653 1989-present
Ann. Rev. Ecol. Syst. QH540 .A53 1973-present Electronic
Aquatic Botany QK916.A65 1986-present
Archiv fur Hydrobiologie QH301.A493 1970-1991
BioScience QH1.A277 (through 2003)

1964-present (with some gaps) Electronic

Biological Bulletin QH301.B38 1940-present Electronic
Biological Reviews QH301.C243 1968-1989
Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. QH1.C143 1990-present
Canadian Journal of Zoology QL1.N1532 1970-present
Conservation Biology QH75.A1C665 1990-present
Ecological Applications QH540.E273 1991-present
Ecological Monographs QH540.E28 1958*-present  Web link (see Havel for password)
Ecology QH540.E3 1920-present (with some gaps) Web link (see Havel for password)
Environmental Pollution QP82.2.P6 E55 1970,1972,1973-present Electronic
Environ. Tox. and Chem. QH545.A1E594 1992-present
Evolution QH301.5753 1958*-1982, 1984-present
Freshwater Biology QH 96.A1F73 1990-present
Heredity QH 431.H43 1966-present
Hydrobiologia QH90.H9 1968-1991 & 2000-present Electronic
Journal of Animal Ecology QL750.J65 1976-present
Journal of the North American Benthological Society QL 141.F73 1992-present
Journal of Plankton Research QH 90.8 P5J68 1996-present  Electronic
Limnology and Oceanography GC1.L5 1970-present


Marine Biology QH91.A1M35 1992-95
Nature Q1.N2 1980-present

Web link

Oecologia QH540.03 1971-present (with gap)  Electronic
Oikos ----- 2001-present (with 1-year quarantine) Electronic (search through TDNet)
Quarterly Review of Biology QH301.Q3 1926-present  Electronic
Science Q1 .S34 1905-present (with gaps) Web link
Trends in Ecology and Evolution QH540.T67 1996-present
Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung fur Theortische und Angewandte Limnologie QH 98.I5 (with books, not journals) 1989-present
Wetlands QH 75.A1W47 1996-present

Some journals (e.g., Science) have older volumes on microfilm.