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Don Moll

Professor Emeritus


Curriculum Vitae

Hello, I have retired after 33 years of teaching, research and service on the faculty of the Biology Department of Missouri State University. 

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My wife Janice and I have moved from the Missouri Ozarks and we are now living in and exploring a very different ecosystem, the Sonoran Desert of southeastern Arizona.  I spend my time hiking, biking, birding and herping.  In the summers, we will still journey to northern Wisconsin where I add fishing to my list of activities.

I plan to continue my activities in research and writing, especially related to chelonian conservation and ecology.  I have now accepted the position of



Chelonian Section Editor of the on-line journal Herpetological Conservation and Biology where I hope to further contribute to promoting the welfare and knowledge of turtles and tortoises around the world.

 Don Moll


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Email: DonMoll@MissouriState.edu




















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