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BIO 310 Microbiology 5(3-4) F,S. Prerequisites: BIO 235 or BMS 230 or permission. Fundamental principles of microbiology; development of sound laboratory procedures.


Course Information: The required textbook is Microbiology (5th Edition) by Prescott and others. The required laboratory manual is Microbiological Applications (8th Edition) by Benson. photo of culture plateStudents may want to purchase A Photographic Atlas for the Microbiology Laboratory by Leboffe and Pierce to supplement the laboratory manual. This supplement is not required.  The picture to the left is the result of a BIO 310 student's attempt at microbiology art (?) using various pigmented bacteria.  The chicken was "painted" with Serratia marcescens; the sun with Micrococcus luteus; the clouds with Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Pseudomonous aeruginosa was used to paint the bush in front of the chicken.  Students do a variety of fun things in the laboratory but also learn some procedures that are applicable to a variety of laboratory situations.

The course is being taught each semester.  Dr. Myers teaches it in the fall and Dr. Steiert teaches it in the spring. Notes and other useful information for current students are presented on the web in Blackboard.  If you are not in the course but would like to view the site, write Dr. Myers for a userid and password.

Interesting Microbiology Links

World Lecture Hall has several links to microbiology courses on the Web.

Students can participate in an online discussion of science careers with noted scientists and employers through Career Workshops.

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