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B10 511 Immunology 3(2-2) F,S Prerequisite: B10 210 or 310. Fundamental principles of immunology and serology. Lecture pic4.jpg (39090 bytes)emphasis on the structure and function of antigens and antibodies, antigen-antibody interactions, other serologic reactions, immunoglobulin formation, immunochemistry, immunogenetics, autoimmunity, immunosuppression, transplantation immunology and immunologic methods. Laboratory emphasis on immunologic techniques for investigative as well as clinical application.

Course Information: The textbook for the course is Kuby Immunology (4th Edition) by Goldsby and others. The laboratory manual is entitled Immunology, a Laboratory Manual (2nd Edition) by Richard Myers. Both books are required. The instructor follows the subject presentation prepared by the authors of the textbook and lab manual, but the student finds it necessary to read assigned chapters. Lecture and laboratory notes are an important source of study for examinations.

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Interesting Immunology Links

The ELISA Home Page is a basic course in making ELISA
Immunology Hot-Links is a new link to several sites that contain immunology information. Included are immunology department homepages and immunology journal homepages.

Students can participate in an online discussion of science careers with noted scientists and employers through Career Workshops.

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