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Pathogenic Microbiology

This course is being taught the spring semester, 2003.  Dr. Richard Myers, course instructor, has updated the course and is using the new edition of Diagnostic Microbiology by Forbes, et al.  The course is intended for students interested in diagnostic microbiology or those interested in an important course to round out an emphasis in microbiology or to compliment your comprehensive degree in Microbiology and Biotechnology.  If you have questions about the course content, call Dr. Myers at 417-836-5307 or email at rlm967f@missouristate.edu.


Staph only1.jpg (136978 bytes) This is a picture of a recent student, Drew Walton,  in the laboratory wearing his new shirt.  It says, Microbiology Lab, STAPH ONLY!  That is appropriate for a microbiology student, don't you think?

This handsome group is a recent Pathogenic Microbiology class.


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BIO 520 Pathogenic Microbiology. 3(3-0) S. Prerequisite: BIO 210 or 310. Fundamental principles of pathogenic microbiology; transmission, infection and control of the pathogen. 

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You may view the Spring, 2003, Policy Statement and Laboratory Schedule.


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