This site is intended to be used by persons who have an interest in algae, both from a basic and an applied perspective. 

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Gallery of Algae

This gallery contains images that have been made from living algae as well as illustrations from published and unpublished works.  The use of copyrighted material has been received from the publisher or institution.

Other galleries that are on the internet provide information and images that can be of some value to persons interested in algae.  These galleries will be placed on this site as discovered. 

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Key Journals

This site includes some of the key journals and literature that contain articles dealing with phycology

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Web Resources

Of special interest are locations of algal culture information:

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Educational Opportunities at Universities, Field Stations and Marine Laboratories

There are a number of educational programs for those interested in the study of Phycology.  Many of these are to be found associated with Colleges, Universities, and   Field Stations.   Follow this link to a partial listing.   

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