Algae found in Beaver Reservoir, Arkansas, 2006

by Russell G. Rhodes

Department of Biology

Missouri State University

Springfield, Missouri

Note: All images contained in the tables on this website have been taken at the same magnificaction (400X) and modified only as to contrast and have been preserved in Lugol's solution.  Thus the appearance of the algae presented below is as seen in a settling chamber at 400x.  This site is for educational purposes only.

Table 1.  Algae found at station 1E, Beaver Lake

Asterionella- Feb06 Cryptomonad- Feb06 Fragillaria- Feb06 Melosira- Feb06
Stephanodiscus- Feb06 Peridinium- May-06   Micrometer- each mark = 0.01mm (10 microns)

Table 2.  Algae found at station 2E, Beaver Lake

Ankistrodesmus Cryptomonas Navicula Peridinium
Synedra Dinobryon, May-06, phase Rhizosolenium, May-06 Synura, May-06

Table 3.  Algae found at station 3E, Beaver Lake

Cryptomonas Oscillatoria tenuis Staurastrum Stephanodiscus

Table 4.  Algae found at station 4E, Beaver Lake

Cryptomonas Mallomonas and Cryptomonas Chlamydomonas Dinobryon


Euglena Treubaria    

Table 5.  Algae found at station 5e, Beaver lake

Diatoma, girdle view Diatoma, valve view Nitzschia, valve view with keel Synura
Trachelomonas with flagellum