Algae of Lake Fayetteville, Springdale, Arkansas from Collection made in June 2009 and June 2010

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The table below contains some images of algae that were collected and preserved in Lugol's solution. The sample was taken at the marina as a grab sample in June 2009.  No shoreline algae were included in the sample.  The dominant form in the sample is Cryptomonas, a cryptomonad, and the subdominant forms include the diatoms Fragillaria, Melosira, Synedra, and Navicula.

Other algae include the chrysophyte, Synura, some green algae that include Scenedesmus, Actinastrum, and Pandorina.

Several blue green algae include Anabaena, Microcystis, and Oscillatoria.


Actinastrum, a green alga and the star like colony aside the filament of Melosira, a diatom taken at 400x Anabaena, a blue green filament and adjacent to that is Cryptomonas, a cryptomonadtaken at 400x Cryptomonas, the dominant alga in the June 2009 sample from Lake Fayetteville taken at 400X Multiple cells of Cryptomonas taken at 100x.  This was the organism that caused a bloom and turned the water a brownish hue.
Fragillaria, a filamentous diatom and an associated Cryptomonas taken at 400X Frustulia, a very large diatom taken at 400X Microcystis, a colonial blue green alga taken at 400x Oscillatoria a filamentous blue green alga taken at 400x

The following table contains images from a grab sample taken at the dock in June 2010.

anabaena anabaena ankyra ankyra aphani
Anabaena limnetica Anabaena spiroides Ankyra Ankyra with holdfast Aphanizomenon
botryo cocco crypto small gompho crypto
Botryococcus Cocconeis Cryptomonas (small variety) Gomphosphaeria Cryptomonas (large variety)
melo oocy trach micro  
Melosira Oocystis Trachelomonas Microcystis  


Prepared June 7, 2010 by Russell G. Rhodes