A Collection of Illustrations

from "Algae in Water Supplies"

by C. Mervin Palmer, 1962

Adapted from  a Publication of the Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

This page is published by Russell G. Rhodes, Department of Biology, Missouri State for the express purpose of supporting education relating to Biology

The illustrations seen below are planktonic algae that have are typically found in lakes and reservoirs.  Each link will go to a larger image of the organism.  

actinastrum botryococcus coelastrum cylindrospermum desmidium
euastrum eudorina euglena2 fragilaria2 gomphosphaeria
gonium micractinium mougeotia nodularia oocyctis
pediastrum phacus scenedesmus sphaerocystis stauroneis
stephanodiscus zygnema




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