Accelerated Master's in Biology

A biology student in the accelerated master's program smiles while at her work station in Jordan Valley Innovation Center.

Take a quicker path to the finish line

You know where you want to go in your career. Get there sooner.

Earn credit that you can apply to your master’s degree and bachelor’s degree (major) at the same time.

How it works

Save time, money and graduate earlier with two degrees.

The accelerated master’s in biology allows you to:

  • Begin graduate studies during your junior year.
  • Take 12 credit hours of 600 or 700-level courses that will count toward your bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  • Finish your master's degree just three semesters after earning your bachelor’s degree, which saves you an extra semester or two.

This option is available for Missouri State biology majors and transfer students (biology majors at other universities).

When to apply

To get on the accelerated track, you should:

  • Make the decision prior to or during your junior year.
  • Work with your advisor and the biology graduate program coordinator to develop a plan.
  • Complete the proper requirements and coursework.

The accelerated track is designed for highly motivated students.