Faculty and Staff


Dr. Alicia A. Mathis

Animal Behavior, Ecology, Fish, Salamanders

Dr. Michelle Bowe

Phylogenetics, Plant Taxonomy, Evolution, Herbarium

Dr. Paul L. Durham

Dr. Paul L. Durham

Distinguished Professor
Director of Cell Biology and the Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences

Neuroscience, Pain, Nutraceuticals, Gut Dysbiosis

Dr. Debra S. Finn

Streams, Ecological Connectivity, Populations, Communities

Dr. Brian D. Greene

Herpetology, Snake Ecology, Conservation

Dr. Janice S. Greene

Dr. Janice S. Greene

Professor and Director of Bull Shoals Field Station

Environmental Education, Outdoor teaching/learning, Bird Conservation

Dr. Kyoungtae Kim

Molecular Cell Biology, Membrane trafficking, Nanoparticle-mediated Cytotoxicity, Transcriptome, Bioinformatics

Dr. La Toya Kissoon-Charles

Wetland Plants, Nanoparticles, Pollution, Biology Education

Dr. Lazslo G. Kovacs

Conservation Genetics, Native Grapevine, Genomics

Dr. Day B. Ligon

Conservation Biology, Physiology, Turtle Ecology

Dr. Christopher Lupfer

Immunology, Infectious Disease, Protein Interactions

Dr. Sean P. Maher

Populations, Communities, Disease, Models, Mammals

Dr. Jay McEntee

Evolutionary Biology, Ornithology, Behavioral Ecology, Ecology

Dr. Babur S. Mirza

Environmental Metagenomics, Microbial Ecology, Bioremediation

Dr. Quinton Phelps

Fisheries Management and Fish Ecology

Dr. Avery L. Russell

Behavioral Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Microbes, Plants, Pollinators

Dr. Georgianna L. Saunders

Teacher Education, Instruction, Science controversies

Dr. Thomas E. Tomasi

Dr. Thomas E. Tomasi

Non-Student Part-Time
Professor of Biology

Physiological Ecology, Energetics, Mammals

Dr. Ryan Udan

Cardiovascular Development, Environmental Embryology

Dr. Alexander Wait

Plant Physiological Ecology; Plant/Animal Interactions; Conservation Science; Sustainability Science